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    Freestuff / Freebie

    Did You order freebei never? Read it, and you will understand, that is freebie.
    Many companies and firms offering any services or the goods, send you the fair brochures, booklets, compact discs, Product samples, T-shorts, badges, labels, rugs for mice, posters etc., and all it is absolutely free! Thus things, Which you receive by mail free of charge and are called as the FREEBIE!

    In what advantage of the given server?
    Here we and visitors place photos of the received things. I.e. you can visually define, whether this thing is necessary for you.

    For what firms dispatch free things?
    To increase the popularity and to catch in your person of the potential buyer or the user of services.

    It is necessary-whether to pay on mail at reception of things?
    For all mine "freebies" experience (more 12 years), I NEVER paid anything!

    It is better to specify PO box or the post address?
    Better a home address since not all offices dispatch a freebie in p.o.

    How correctly to fill fields?
    Look down

    If there is no field "Country" where to write my country (for example Russia, Belgium, China)?
    It is necessary to write through washed down in the field "City", after a city.

    It is a little about filling rules

    To enter the information it is necessary English letters . Look an example of filling of forms and at once all becomes clear:
    First Name: Jhon
    Second Name: Smith
    Adress 1: South srteet 2-64
    Adress 2: pass
    City: Praga
    Region/State: BL or Moscow region
    Country: Spain
    Zip: 184200
    Tel: 466-345-7547
    Fax: 466-345-7548

    For simplification of filling of forms You can download the most popular program Roboform which is built in a browser And automatically fills many fields.

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